Too often the focus for financial advisers is the current assets and how to accumulate wealth for retirement. But just as important is the need to plan for after your passing. At Capri, although we cannot help you prepare a Will,  we can guide you through how best to make decisions now that will assist your loved ones when you have moved on. Estate Planning involves organising your estate so that when you do pass away, the right funds and assets are forwarded onto the right people at the right time. Providing you peace of mind.

To help you with your estate planning process here are some steps to consider.

  • Compiling a list of assets including superannuation (Personal, Trusts and Company)
  • Deciding who will be executor of the Will
  • Considering relevant beneficiaries and potential claimants on your estate
  • Prepare the Will under the guidance of a legally qualified expert, appointing powers of attorneys and binding nominations (for superannuation funds).

By getting the right impartial estate planning advice, strategies can be implemented so that certain assets are transferred/ sold to/for certain people to manage the tax that may be payable.