Insurance is one of those essential financial products that everyone should consider but hopefully never require. Personal insurance can be put in place to cover the unexpected: death, major injury or trauma. Although any potential claim will not cover the personal loss or death of a family member, it can go a long way towards ensuring that lifestyle, debt and living expenses are maintained at a pre-accident level. We can assist you in investigating the appropriate level of cover required and guide you through the different types available.

With adequate insurance you can:

  • Preserve you and your family’s lifestyle
  • Stay in control and enjoy freedom of choice
  • Reduce the financial stress and potentially ease future debt worries

Does your insurance provide…

  • Minimal lifestyle changes
  • Sufficient cover in times of need
  • Support for you and your family

What are my options?

  • Life cover – in the event od death
  • Total and Permanent Disablement TPD – Disability cover
  • Trauma – Cover for prelisted ailments eg: heart attack, cancer, stroke etc.
  • Income Protection – Cover for the inability to return to work replacing the bulk of your current wage